The story

A young chinese woman, born and grown up in shanghai, protected in her family life with her parents and friends. Once upon a time her life completely changes. She will start a journey to the most interesting Places in the world, witnessing the life in a luxurious an cultural surrounding. She will be the chinese girl in all of that but she will learn a lot about the rest of the world outside from china. Heritage means not to become rich in an easy way, but to gain respect and responsibility for humans' artefact and the recources in the world.

The shop

The heritage begins with a suitcase full of clothes of high end designer collections located in Paris, New York and Milan. Every Piece is an masterpiece of design made out of the best and selected Fabrics in knowledge of traditional and modern handcraft. Some of them were produced in an limited edition, just like an artwork. The customer who owns
one of these pieces should feel the uniqueness of this and should handle it with respect and care.

The blog

Li Lian starts at home in shanghai. She tells us what she is interested in and where she likes to go to. She shows a small selection of places and events in her hometown, gives us links to other blogs and locations you could like to visit on your next trip to shanghai. Carrying her laptop around the world she always keeps her blog up to date to share her experiences of all the different countries she visits.